Bristol Disability Equality Forum; the Forum


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    bristol disability equality forum
  • Last updated:

    3 September 2020
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    BS2 8XJ Map
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  • Category:

    • general charitable purposes
    • education/training
    • the advancement of health or saving of lives
    • disability
    • the prevention or relief of poverty
    • economic/community development/employment
    • human rights/religious or racial harmony/equality or diversity
    • other charitable purposes
  • Causes:

    • Social inclusion
    • Minority rights
    • Disability
    • Multipurpose
    • Advice
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    No data provided
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    No data provided
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  • Mission

    Our vision is for a world where Disabled/Deaf people have voice and influence, live independently, and choice and control over all aspects of their lives (not just social care). Where they are valued, respected and fully included in the life of their communities because it is accessible to all.
  • Brief history

    We were first established in 1994, as a community group advising the council. In 2010 we widened our brief to cover all sectors and aspects of life, becoming a charity in 2012. We've had a substantial, positive impact regionally supporting many organisations/sectors to improve disability equality.


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